The districts of the Province

The province of Ragusa is characterized by a succession of wild landscapes and the gentle hills of the Hyblean plateau, it thins out towards the fertile Ipparino level grounds and extends down to its uniform thin-sanded coasts.

Thus, the rocky landscapes, where the typical caves – deep gorges carved in the limestone by small streams – originated, alternate with wide expanses inhabited by centuries-old Mediterranean trees, fields and pastures, all resulting in enchanting colours and scents.

Such natural wonders live with the sumptuousness of Baroque Art, part of UNESCO heritage, with the myth of Greek, Roman and Byzantine archeology and the historical significance of industrial archeology.

Moreover, the 12 Lands Province will definitely astonish you for its food-and-wine tasting tours and the timeless flavours of its products, significantly alive in the cuisine of internationally renowed Chefs, true ambassadors of the Made in Sicily brand.