Taste and Flavour Tour

Come in the heart of Baroque to experience traditional food, simple and genuine, but full of fantasy and flavours too.
Enjoy the numerous wine-and-food events organized throughout the year, visit production sites and taste typical products.

The way of Wine

In this authentic strip of uncontaminated flat land, wine tradition keeps its charm.
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Along the road to Ipparine level grounds, in the south of the province of Ragusa, the famous POD Cerasuolo (excellent guarantee quality) wine dominates, an excellent wine made with the strength and density of the Nero d’Avola and the charm of the fruity Frappato or the Insolia, a fresh sparkling white wine. They all are absolute top wines recognized by UNESCO as intangible heritage.They are the result of human industriousness, which produces a unique wine thanks to an ideal climate, a fertile land and a secret passed on generation after generation.

The panoramic food-and-wine tour for local wines and top traditional food tasting will be preceded by a visit to the old wine cellars, in one of which grape is still fermented in amphorae, according to the ancient Greek-Roman tradition, or in the charming and ancient Norman rural structures.

After delicacies tasting, there will be a cultural tour to discover the town of Vittoria, the main residential area in the valley. Here, the charm of the “Belle Epoque” reigns supremely: the Vittoria Colonna theater and beautiful holiday residences in eclectic and liberty style dating back to the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries.

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The way of Cheese

The gentle mountainous profile, characterized by many stone-walls to mark fields and grazing lands, has preserved the rural tradition for millennia.
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Framed by the typical ancient farms and rural villas, the natural landscape of the area is characterized by the typical Chiuse, handmade dry-stone walls exclusive of the area used for rotation grazing, an extensive livestock system by which cows are mainly feed with the spontaneous forage of the Hyblaean territory. An amazing rural architecture that preserves the traditions of the past.

It is within such an uncontaminated landscape that the POD Ragusano cheese is born. The POD Ragusano cheese is the undisputed testimony of a stratification process resulting not just in food, but also in a source of precious information about the natural environment, the landscape, the territory, the production system, the traditions, the food habits, the taste, the character and the life of the community in which it was created.

Beyond the tasting of a unique product, the tour includes the visit to the traditional Masseria, the cheese farm, and its constitutive structures. The Masseria is the typical architectural complex entirely made of limestone and characterized by the barn, the house, the hayloft and the small home dairy, this latter being a proper “art workshop” where the milk is processed to make cheese.

In these small “art workshops” both the cheese and the ricotta cheese are still processed using the traditional handcrafted techniques: the tina, the rotula, the caurara, the sieve, the maovella, the mastredda, the muolito, wooden and copper utensils, all essential in the manufacturing process and shaped by skilled artisans’ hands. The pod Ragusano always leads back to men as authors of a biologically alive, genuine and unique cheese.

After tasting, you can’t miss a horseride in the wonderful countryside of Ragusa and a dive into the pool of an elegant and comfortable ancient masseria.

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Olive oil from Monti Iblei

A short journey to a scenic sweep of centuries-old trees along the terracings where olive tree groves silently have reigned for millennia.
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Go through a crucial anthropological connection, due to the strong presence in this area of traditions related to olive tree plantations, which coexisted with the Greeks, the Romans and the Normans.

Thanks to its terracings full of olive tree groves and its typical olive oil and vertical wheel mills, the territory is one of the oldest productive testimonies. In fact, the special physical, morphological and hydrographic conformation of these hills favoured the construction of the factories which are proud of their rigorous method of olive oil cold extraction.

The tour is definitely interesting for the industrial archeology and the tasting of typical food dressed with raw olive oil. We recommend comfortable clothes for a walk in the slopes of the Iblei Mounts.

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The way of Chocolate

A baroque road leads to Modica chocolate, a unique and precious product whose taste and aftertastes soften your mood and your senses.
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The Late Baroque riches increase both curiosity and yearning of knowledge together with the desire of a pure and genuine snack, sweet and spicy at the same time. Not just for the pleasure of your taste but also for the ought of tasting the prestigious Chocolate from Modica, originating from the Aztecs and brought to Sicily by the Spanishes.

The tour consists of chocolate tasting in the laboratories, thus offering the chance to attend to the handmade cold processing of chocolate. Gluttons recommend not to abandon yourself to a single flavour, but to taste all of them, forgetting about your silhouette and focusing exclusively on its genuineness and healthy properties

It is not easy to say no to such tasteful flavours and, even though the chocolate rich content gives benefits to the body and the mind, we strongly recommend to go on and visit the Neolithic cave in the nearby town of Ispica, an authentic outdoor theater.

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The Art of Cooking

Experience the culinary traditions by tasting the typical dishes made on your own.
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Because of its organoleptic properties which makes it an actual youth and wellness elixir and because of its rich flavours, the Mediterranean diet is widely known all over the world and recognized by UNESCO as part of the mankind intangible heritage. Such a moment of pleasure and enjoyment represents also a time of sharing for families, who have cheered their Sunday lunches and celebrations with the tasteful typical dishes for centuries.

Handle the rollin pin and check the cooking and baking process under the eye of an expert chef. You’ll be the main character, the author of the most typical menu based on a pasta dish, a main course and a dessert. A menu as typical as the gorgeous goodness and deliciousness characterizing its territory of origin and that becomes an expression of local identity.

Finally, just in case you want to burn the calories taken on, a cultural tour to discover the Baroque of Ragusa and Scicli is exactly what you need!

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